5 Hot travel tips to make flying a breeze

Travelling, especially on vacation, is a joy to most people. The planning, the checking and all the associated details that go with it….. flights, transfers, accommodation, activities, insurance, visas, what to pack, currency exchange…. the list goes on.

  1.  Did you know there are certain days of the week that are cheaper to book flights on? Tuesdays and Wednesdays are counted as the cheapest options, and surprisingly enough, Saturdays ranks up there too. Why? Most people want to get to their destination to enjoy a whole weekend, so tend to fly Fridays or Friday nights even. Same applies for mid week flights. Don’t pick the early morning flights full of business commuters and you will get a cheaper flight.
  2. Nervous flying? If you sit at the back of the plane you are more likely to feel turbulence. Generally the further to the front of the plane you are, the less movement.
  3. How do you get seats closer to the front or “pointy end”? Well number one is staying loyal to one airline, collecting status credits which takes you up the tiers to achieve more options. This way you get to choose your preferred area of seating right from booking. But did you know that the airlines generally release the blocked seating 80 hours out from the flight, enabling you to select your preferred seat.
  4. Check out which flights go direct, which entail stop overs,  what days, what type of plane will be used (737 or jumbo type) to work out your best options. this entails large amounts of research…. or you can let me, as a VA, do this for you! Saves you the time and the $$$. You tell me your destination and dates and I will do the work and tell you your best options.
  5. Is your passport expiry date valid? Do you know that most countries require your passport to be valid for six months? And this is from the END of travel, not the start of travel. Don’t take the chance of being turned down for your flights at the airport!