Fear of flying!


I had an innate fear of flying! If I knew I had to fly, I would have nightmares for weeks ahead of the flight. Always the same dream: the plane had a glass bottom that I could see through and it was endlessly going along the run way never taking off! There was no logical reason for my fear! However when I was on a plane, I tried not to put my full weight on the seat (as if I could somehow lighten the load on the plane!!!), and going to the bathroom meant undoing my seatbelt! Definitely not an option.

What a difference now. In the past nine years I have logged up around three hundred flights (that is not journeys, but I count a flight as where I get on a plane, fly somewhere and get off again, even if I then get on another flight! I am no longer fearful though I must admit I say a prayer before every flight!

What has made the difference for me?

  • I try to sit as close to the front of the plane as possible, you feel less turbulence.
  • I watch “air crash investigation” type programs on TV. You’d think this would be a silly thing to do, but it has actually reinforced, for me, just how safe planes are.
  • I “choose” my plane when flying. Just check which plane is being used when you do your booking. I actually don’t want to be on a small plane so I avoid these every time. Just check the flights offered when booking. For me, a 737 is the smallest I want to go on.
  • In all my flights, even though there has been turbulence on occasions, I have never experienced a huge turbulence where the plane “drops”. I never want to either, but it just reassures me that it is NOT a common occurrence. So I don’t dwell on it.
  • It has been a case of “mind over matter”. I CHOOSE not to let fear rise up in me! What I have found ironical, and very funny to me, is the number of times I have sat next to a very nervous flyer and I spend the time encouraging them it’s ok! I never fail to smile at the irony of this.
  • In extreme cases of fear of flying, you can attend one of the many courses available to overcome this fear.

Finally, If I can do this, ANYONE can do it.