What is a Virtual-PA

What is a Virtual PA?

Each secretary works as an independent contractor in their own business. Some work full-time and some part-time and also in temporary positions. Because they work independently, prices may vary amongst the group, so feel free to shop around. Please understand that until the work is sighted, it is sometimes difficult to accurately price a job.

Because each works in their own home office there is no need for you to worry about workcover, taxation, insurance or any other issues relating to employees – we are all independent self-employed contractors. Perhaps you are sharing a serviced office? Using one of our members may allow you to work at home instead!

Advantages for working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)

• They’re self-employed, therefore responsible for their own taxes, superannuation, insurances, etc

• They have their own equipment and work in their own office so you don’t have to have the space or equipment available to them

• They own their own software so you don’t have to buy it for them

• Available for short-term or long-term work, i.e. your personal assistant whenever you need them

• You pay $$ per hour for the work they do, not for their lunchbreaks, tea breaks, sick leave or superannuation.

• Already experienced – you don’t need to train them, other than explain how you normally operate

Tips for working with a Virtual Assistant (VA)

  • Be clear about your expectations at the beginning of your project to avoid misunderstandings:
  • Understand that the VA is not someone you are going to see every day and is not an employee but instead a business owner who will view your business in a different perspective – they should be seen as a business partner
  • VAs do not need to be micromanaged – you’re paying for someone who doesn’t require a lot of supervision and who has experience on their side
  • VAs are not sales people so do not expect them to generate sales for you. They are there to assist with aspects of your business that prevent you from generating more income.

Note for clients:

  • ALL our secretaries are screened, their resumes are on file and they each have a minimum of 5 years’ secretarial and/or administrative experience behind them.
  • The service you receive is from a professional and we encourage all our members to continually update their knowledge of software products and the various services that can be provided to you.
  • We have an accreditation program in place for our members also.
  • We provide services to support the private individual, home based business operators, small business and corporate offices.
  • Our services include: word-processing, desktop publishing, database design and management, spreadsheets, data entry and statistical analysis, book-keeping, transcriptions, conference and event management, internet research, html conversion of documentation, web page design and management, PowerPoint and other presentations, broadcast e-mail and fax facilities, phone answering and a myriad of other program and secretarial/administrative support.

Things to remember:

  • There is no ‘standard’ rate for engaging a VA. Their cost of living, location, currency, experience and skillset vary considerably. So you need to weigh up whether you need to engage someone who is local to where you work, or whether virtual is what you need.
  • We find that most work can be carried out 100% virtually, unless you need for that VA to be onsite (Minutes of Meetings for example) or to do research that requires local geographical knowledge.

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